24 Hr Glass Repair

About Us

24 Hr Glass Repair is a professional glass repair company located in Chicago services both the city and suburbs. We offer a complete range of repair services for your window and glass. Please contact our professional glass technician with any questions, we are here to help.

At 24 Hr Glass Repair we use the highest quality glass materials, like tempered glass, double pane glass, and laminated glass, and we have many years of experience helping customers replace glass units, rollers, sliding patio doors and any other glass installation in our Chicago area.

We have a large selection of window replacement products, which we can fit you with right away. For glass installers, we provide a variety of window repair products that include operators, handles and balance mechanisms with affordable pricing. If you need new glass, double pane re-glazing or new storm windows, be sure to check us out today. We can quickly customize your glass repair project and ensure that your glass replacement will be completed to specifications that you require.

Our glass is professionally custom cut, so the more you are interested in the work we do, the more work you will get for the same amount that everyone else is charging. Our glass is manufactured to the exact dimensions required for your project ensuring it is not only completed properly but also durable. If you are looking for replacement glass, sliding doors and storm windows of any kind, we want to help you.

We offer a very high quality, professional, high quality glass repair services to both residential and small commercial homes and businesses. Our glass services include glass replacement at any given window, window re-glazing, storms, hardware replacement, emergency glass, glass window restoration and custom sized glass units to fit nearly any application.

To schedule a glass repair please call us at (866) 517.7740. We provide a 24 hr service call back service available to all residential glass repair customers. We have a very professional and knowledgeable glass technician who can work quickly with your home window to get it as good as new!